Christmas Eve Box Traditions


,Christmas Eve traditions in my family are pretty simple, a Chinese take-away for the family, a carrot for Rudolf and a mince pie for Santa with a glass of milk. About 6 years ago we added a new tradition to the mix, the Christmas Eve Box. Over the last few years the box contents have changed very little though.

Keep reading for my tips and ideas .

What on earth is a Christmas Eve Box?

So if you’re new to a Christmas Eve box and wondering what it’s all about,  then think of it as an early Christmas stocking. I loved the idea of adding some new tradition’s to help get the kids though Christmas Eve, my kids are now 15 & 16 but still love the excitement of the Christmas eve box and it’s evolved each year and grown up with them. But those of you with younger children will understand the sheer excitement of the big man’s arrival and that will often have a meltdown’s from sheer excitement at having to wait for the big day. The beauty for me of the Christmas Eve box was the way it would diffuse that excitement.

Do I buy a special box or not?

So the box itself can be anything, you could wrap an old shoe box, or you can buy a specific Christmas Eve box, they don’t need to be expensive and can be picked up easily in places such as Home Bargains, The Range or if you want something really special you can look at John Lewis.  It’s also worth looking for local craftsmen on Facebook or try Etsy and Not on the High Street for handmade bespoke boxes. Whatever you choose, you will then have the opportunity to make it special, add labels, ribbons, or a special message to give it that personal touch.

What do i put in my box

So my Christmas eve box always has a few things that are the same each year. You can of course change things up, but consider adding the things that will keep the children settled before bed.

1, Christmas PJ’s and socks, I make sure iv’e washed them, i then roll them up with a ribbon and a tag.  I then add a message about what makes them special. This year we have these from Next.

2, DVD, this is a must for us, i choose two movies that the whole family will enjoy, this year i found both of the movies in poundland.  They are not always Christmas movies, but something that will make us all laugh.

3, Christmas Cookies, the kid’s love homemade cinnamon biscuits, so once they are asleep the night before Christmas eve i hit the kitchen.  I make them in Christmas shapes, trees, stars and stocking shapes.  Once cooled they get tied with Christmas ribbon in a cellophane bag.  We also have an all rules out the window, scoff the lot or savour, anything goes. This is the recipe i use and love, though i do add a little more cinnamon.

4. Hot chocolate, i buy the sachets in 5 flavours and add them to the box.  Chocolate lollies, i buy 10 for 99p in Lidl, these act as stirrers.  And what hot chocolate is not complete without marshmallows, again the bargain shops are fab for these.

5, Christmas book, when the children where small we always had a Christmas book, now its just a book.  Normally through the year they have discovered a new author or genre.  I will get the latest book alongside a festive bookmark.

6. Popcorn,  once we sit down in the evening to watch our movies, we need popcorn.  Aldi and Lidl always have some fab flavours, last year they did a gingerbread flavour that was immense.

7. Mocktails, yes i know, but the kids get so excited at a couple of bottles that are random and different. In the box, last year they had three each of these and it got a massive thumbs up,

8, Reindeer food, kids love getting involved making this. The excitement of sprinkling it on the lawn before bed is a winner.  It’s so very easy to make yourself, check out a tutorial here.

It’s great fun and my two always look forward to it.  You don’t need to spend a fortune and it can be adapted to any age. Think outside of the box and make it special for your family.  Oh and don’t forget, you can do them for the adults too.

Have a fantastic Christmas

Tracy x


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